Pine Ridge Reservation Donation Guidelines


        Please understand we are not able to use clothing, boots, shoes, household items such as sheets, blankets that have any type of stains, tears, holes, musty or smoke smelling. We do not have the time or manpower to launder and repair items such as broken zippers or missing buttons and items like these will not be sent. Please inspect all items donated before sending them. Any household items must have all the parts and they must work. A good guideline to follow is if you wouldn’t wear it or give it to a family member to wear or use then the Lakota shouldn’t wear it or use it either. Any toys, cribs, strollers or high chairs must be clean, have all parts and be in good working order prior to donating them to us.

Something that has been added this year; ALL BAGS, BOXES, TOTES, CONTAINERS THAT DONATIONS COME IN MUST BE LABELED. The label must contain the name of the organization or individual that is donating the items and contact information in case we have questions. If someone wishes to remain anonymous, the person delivering the items will need to put their information on outside. Please contact me directly with any questions about this.

Types of Items Accepted:

MEN - T-shirts, casual shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, new or barely used socks, casual shoes & boots, winter coats/jackets, hats, gloves. NO SUITS OR DRESSY CLOTHING. What we consider dressy events they wear jeans.

WOMEN - Casual tops and sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, new or barely used socks, casual shoes and boots, winter coats/jackets, hats, gloves. NO FORMAL OR EXTREMELY DRESSY CLOTHING. Casual dresses. NO USED UNDERWEAR or swim wear.

CHILDREN/INFANTS - Any clothing (except used underwear) but again it must be clean, no stains, holes, tears, missing buttons or broken zippers. Gently used books, toys (not in need of repair or missing parts. No battery operated). Diapers in bigger sizes. High chairs, cribs, strollers clean and no repairs needed.

HOUSEHOLD - Small household items in good condition such as pots, pans, bakeware, utensils, bedding, tablecloths, placemats, towels, washcloths, dishes, toasters, can openers, silverware, working sewing machines, material for quilting or sewing, beads, air mattresses, sleeping bags, quilts, blankets. When we receive air mattresses we create a “bed in a box” which is very popular and needed. We put the air mattress, purchase air pumps to include, sleeping bag/quilt or blankets, pillow in a box. We then have a raffle, not where they buy tickets but we draw numbers. That and electric heaters are the first items they choose.

All donations are greatly appreciated and we know you give from the heart.


Gloria Klomsten, Secretary/Team Leader
Worldwide Hunger Relief-Reservation Outreach
262-370-7506 --