Hospice & Baby Care Lists

In March & April our focus will be on

Hospice Kits and Baby Care Kits

for Global Health Ministries

Shopping Lists for items needed for these kits can be found below, as an insert in Sunday’s bulletins or on the table in Neemann Hall.

Helpful shopping tip:

Nail clippers can be purchased at Woodman’s stores for 49¢. All items should be new or cleaned, used in excellent condition.

 If you have any questions, please contact Carol Wendricks or Linda Marks, HLCW Co-Coordinators of Growth and Action.

Hospice Kit Shopping List

New or gently used items:

1 regular size bath towel

1 wash cloth

New Items:

1 bath size bar of hand soap (wrapped, unscented)

1 toothbrush

1 “pick” comb

1 nail clipper

6 Band Aids

1 jar or tube of petroleum jelly (4 oz or larger)

1 pair heavy-duty household gloves
(kitchen type) size medium

Newborn Kit Shopping List


1 regular size bath towel. New or gently used. (48-52”)

1 wash cloth

1 bath size bar white ivory soap

1 newborn stocking cap
(hand-knit ones should be kept small made with baby yarn)

1 small baby shirt, size 0-3 or newborn

1 receiving blanket (cotton, acrylic or light flannel - no wool)

2 cloth diapers

2 diaper pins

(A waterproof pad will be added at the Global Health Ministries warehouse before shipping)

 Carol Wendricks and Linda Marks, Co-Coordinators for Growth & Action